LaunchPad is a cleantech and circular economy focussed enterprise dedicated to developing talent, innovative projects, collaborative networks and partnerships for a sustainable and circular economy.


We focus on identifying innovative ideas and building on them through meaningful partnerships and collaborations within the cleantech and other sectors.


Our expertise includes strategic advice on new technology opportunities and approaches, technical expertise, feasibility, planning and regulatory requirements, and business case development.


Launchpad Career Traineeships and Mentoring

We offer career transition programs for individuals hoping to work in the sustainability, social impact or circular economy space by providing:

  • Employment support and traineeships to plan, design launch your career

  • One-on-one career coaching and mentoring 

  • Guidance to improve your positioning and personal branding

  • Access to skills development 

  • Exposure to industry experts and networking opportunities

  • Exposure to a real-world work setting and industry tips, and 

  • Help to incubate innovative ideas and projects 


We believe in making things happen to create meaningful projects and purposeful careers!


It all about positioning yourself out there to create the best possible impact that you can provide to the world!


One of the most powerful communication tools that we can access is storytelling, passed down generations!


We're all born creative with unique talents! So let's tap into that, make the most of it and carve out a successful career for ourselves!



With LaunchPad's unique platform and specialist advice,  we will work closely with you to create breakthroughs for a fulfilling career!

Our Approach

We help you to discover and consolidate your unique skills and strengths, combine it with your passion and contribute to a purposeful career.


LaunchPad has a dedicated team of change-makers and impact professionals. We are passionate about creating a meaningful and fulfilling career for ourselves and others we work with.


We believe in leaving a positive impact in the world!


"....I have found the LaunchPad programme to be invaluable towards my career. Over the last 2 months, Azain has helped me to understand my passions and gifts, enhance my CV & interview skills, provide an experienced insight into the sustainability sector, and set me up with valuable strategies to achieve a meaningful career.......I have gone from constant job rejections to 4 interviews in the last week!


I would definitely recommend LaunchPad for anyone looking to enhance their career in sustainability and social impact".

—  Sophie, moved from New Zealand and secured a position through LaunchPad at a Sustainability Consulting Company in Melbourne

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