Our SErvices

Working with Organisations

Industries and Sectors we focus on (but not limited to) include:


  • Environmental and Sustainability Strategies

  • Clean and Renewable Technology Development and Compliance

  • International Development and Not-for-Profit Project Development

  • Sustainability Education

  • Social Enterprises 

  • Impact Investing

  • Innovation Sector and Startups

  • Strategic Advisory and Engineering Consulting

  • Communication, Design and Marketing 

  • Circular Economy (including Recycling and Waste Management)

  • The Built Environment (Sustainable Infrastructure and Transportation)

  • Sustainable Agriculture and Land Management

  • Manufacturing and Supply Chain

  • Internet of Things (IoT) and Energy Storage


For Individuals

Our career development programs usually include young early-career individuals, final year tertiary students, graduates as well as mid-career individuals and others looking to make a difference in their career path. The services we provide include:


  • Help individuals discover or consolidate their niche 

  • Career path designing and planning

  • Incubating innovative ideas and projects

  • Improving your personal branding including CV, LinkedIn, and other social media presence building

  • Traineeships, internships and other work experience opportunities most suited to your vision and career

  • Industry and job market-relevant skills

  • Opportunity to gain work experience and references

  • Regular seminar and workshop series with experienced speakers and trainers with expertise and influence in various industries

  • Pre-positioning strategies for the industry of your choosing

  • Networking opportunities

  • Dedicated one-on-one coaching and mentoring support


We tailor-make our services to suit your unique situation and provide expert guidance so you can utilise your existing skills and talents to carve out a fulfilling career for yourself! 



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